Caviarly's -Délicatesse- Farm-raised in France, only the most delicate grains of Acipenser Baeri are selected.

A refined grain and a salty flavor delivered with… Délicatesse View full size

Délicatesse - Baeri Caviar from Aquitaine France

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    Délicatesse is the epitome of French refinement and elegance. 

    This caviar is farmed in freshwater pools in the Aquitaine region of France, from the Acipenser Baeri species, commonly known as the Siberian sturgeon.

    Its regular large black grain and salty flavor produces caviar complete with … Délicatesse.

    Its fruity character and subtle hints of minerals take centre stage with a discreet touch of marine air sitting in the wings. Its gentle refined texture and fruity aromas make this taste sensation a pure privilege.


    Nutritional values per 100g:

    - Calories: 280Kcal

    - Protein: 27 grams

    - Lipids: 16 grams


    Conservation: 2-3 months

    Caviar should be kept in the Caviarly’s box and refrigerated in the coldest part of the refrigerator at a temperature between -2°C and 4°C.

  • Data sheet
    Grain size Medium
    Grain color Black-Brown
    Tastes Dried fruits and fruits (citrus fruit)
    Texture Soft and refined
    Type of farm Freshwater basins
    Sturgeon species Acipenser Baeri
    Sturgeon common nameSiberian sturgeon
    Farm locationAquitaine France

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