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Legal notices

Content Protection

All content from the website is the property of the Caviarly’s company. This includes the text, drawings, photographs, graphics, images, brand, and logo.

The website’s contents are protected by intellectual property rights.

Caviarly’s does not grant any rights on its website content. Caviarly’s only allows site visitors to copy or printout site content as it pertains to product purchasing.

It is strictly forbidden for any natural or legal person to extract, copy, reproduce, modify, reuse, and/or rewrite some or all of the site content for any use other than the purchase of products from the site, without the express written authorization of the rights holder.

French law applies to both the rules of substance and of form.

Conditions of use of this Website

Caviarly’s reserves the right to revise, add, remove, or modify in part or whole the content on at any time and without notice.

Caviarly’s will not be held liable for damages, notably damages relating to the interception and transmission of confidential information over the internet.

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