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Caviarly's guarantees

Caviarly’s is committed to:

  • Maintaining flawless traceability for each of the caviars on its website right down to its origins. Each box of caviar carries three numbers:


-  a lot number which denotes the farm that raises and fishes the sturgeon 

-  a sanitary agreement number which certifies the product for its hygiene standard (European agreements and HACCP)

-  and a number given by the organization that controls protected species (CITES, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which guarantees that the caviar has not come from any poaching or smuggling activity.

  • Maintaining the cold temperature chain at each stage from reception of the stocks to their storage and on to their shipment. Caviarly’s only works with suppliers that respect the cold temperature chain.


  • Respecting the highest hygiene standards. Caviarly’s suppliers respect to the letter all regulations in operation that apply to maintaining hygiene standards. They hold the accreditations and laboratories needed to produce and handle caviar according to the European norms in operation.


  • Guaranteeing secure payment. With SOGENACTIF (Societe Generale bank) your payments are secure.


  • Keeping your personal information details private. Caviarly’s does not share your personal data.


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