Caviarly's -Authentique- This AcipenserBaeri is affordable and selected to be true to what one expects of a traditional caviar

Lightly salted, delicately spiced and with a glistening grain offer an experience that is truly…Authentique View full size

Authentique - Baeri Caviar from Finland

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    This caviar is farmed in open lakes in Finland. The Acipenser Baeri species is commonly known as the Siberian sturgeon.

    Lightly salted and gently spiced its glistening aspect delivers an experience that is truly…Authentique.

    It has a dark grey compact medium-sized grain that is smooth and supple on the palate. This caviar has vegetable and walnut aromas with a texture that melts in the mouth. Its mineral content is much appreciated by those who prize such purity.


    Nutritional values per 100g:

    - Calories: 280Kcal

    - Protein: 27 grams

    - Lipids: 16 grams

    Conservation: 2-3 months

    Caviar should be kept in the Caviarly’s box and refrigerated in the coldest part of the refrigerator at a temperature between -2°C and 4°C.

  • Data sheet
    Grain size Medium
    Grain color Dark grey
    Tastes Dried fruits (especially walnut) and vegetable
    Texture Meltingly soft
    Type of farm Freshwater basins in lakelands
    Sturgeon species Acipenser Baeri
    Sturgeon common nameSiberian sturgeon
    Farm locationFinland

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